We decided that there will be 24-hour, 12-hour, 6-hour, 100-km and 50-km races at Sillamäe Ultra. The 48-hour run and the 2 km public run will be cancelled. Those who register within 48 hours will be refunded.


1. Location and time

Sillamäe Ultra 24 hour, 12 hour, 6 hour and 100 km, 50 km run will take place on the 26-27 of August 2023 in Sillamäe, Estonia (the course will located by the sea). The loop is 2000 m long. It is asphalted and will be lit during night time.

2. Distances

24 hour, 12 hour, 6 hour and 100 km, 50 km run. The race has IAU Bronze label.

The Sillamäe Ultra 24 hour run starts on Saturday, 26.08.2023 at 15:00 and lasts until Sunday, 27.08.2023 at 15:00.

Ultra running enthusiasts can participate in Sillamäe Ultra in 12-hour and 6-hour run, as well as in 100-kilometer and 50-kilometer run. In hourly races, the winner is the one who covers the longest distance in the corresponding time period. In the kilometer run, the best is the one who covers the corresponding distance in the fastest time.

In the 100 kilometer and 50 kilometer run, the corresponding distance must be covered, otherwise it will be noted in the final report that the competitor has stopped the race. The time limit for both distances is 24 hours.

NEW: Disabled athletes in wheelchairs can also participate in all distances. A separate account is kept of them. The best male and female wheelchair athlete of each distance will be awarded.

Sillamäe Ultra 2023 has been awarded the IAU Bronze Label.

3. Venues

Start-point is located on the west side parking lot of the Sillamäe Health track and provides the following:

– the race kit, bib number and gifts`package for participants;

– timing chips;

– service area, medical service;

-area for private tents;

– toilets

-meals and drinks during the race;

– tables for participants;

– awarding

Sillamäe Kalev Sports Centre (distance between 600 m, address: Kesk 30, Sillamäe) and will provide athlets with:

– showers and dressing rooms (for participants own money);

– accommodation possibility (for participants own money);

Contact Jelena Verzilova, for booking an overnight stay.

4. Schedule of the Sillamäe Ultra 2023

Saturday, August 26th

14:45 introduction of ultra runners

15:00 start of the Sillamäe Ultra 24-hour run, 100-km run, 50-km run, 12-hour run and 6-hour run;

21:00 Finish signal of the 6-hour run, awarding of the winner at the Start-point

*The winner of the 50-kilometer race will be awarded at the Start-point immediately after the finish

*The winner of the 100-kilometer race will be awarded at the Start-point immediately after the finish

Sunday, August 27th

03:00 Finish signal of the 12-hour run, awarding of the winner at the Start-point

15:00 Finish signal of the 48-hour run and the 24-hour run

15:30 Award Ceremony of the Sillamäe Ultra 48-hour run and 24-hour run and a thank-you event for volunteers and supporters at the Start-point

5. Awards and gifts

Three best 24H men and women will be awarded.

12H, 6H, 100KM, 50KM run best man and woman will be awarded.

All runners get certificate of participation and gifts from the supporters.

6. Organizers

Race director: Pille Vennikas (phone: +372 5121223), Ultrajooksuklubi Estonian Ultrarunners Team MTÜ, pillevennik(at), website

Chief of the Course: Peeter Vennikas

Co-organizer (catering): Aet Kiisla, Gourmet Runs MTÜ

Chief of the Competition Centre: Jelena Verzilova

Timing: Antrotsenter OÜ

The Sillamäe Ultra 2023 is organised in cooperation with Sillamäe City Government, Ida-Virumaa Sports Association, Sillamäe Sport Centre “Kalev”.

7. Participation fees

Participation fees:

89 euros in individual for 24 hour run;

79 euros for 12 hour run, 6 hour run, 100KM run, 50KM run;

The fee has to be paid by Bank transfer to Ultrajooksuklubi Estonian Ultrarunners Team MTÜ: Swedbank EE082200221050835570, SWIFT kood/BIC: HABAEE2X.

Payment details: Sillamäe Ultra 2023 distance, name of the runner or team.

In case of failure to participate in the race, registration fee is non-refundable.

If you would like an invoice for the participation fee, please send an email to pillevennik(at)

Click here to register:

8. Accommodation

Runners can use hostels in Sillamäe Kalevi Sports center (, Jelena Verzilova

During the race it is possible to use the “Peace and Quiet” tent. There you can recharge you electronic devices and dry you clothes. You are allowed to put up your own tent on the special area.

You can strore you personal drinks and other equipment on the runners`tables located by the course. Your team members can be there and assist you from these tables.

The track is flat.

9. Catering

There is one hydration/refreshment point on the course (i.e. after every 2km). There you can find water, sports drinks, coca-cola, watermelon, olives, pickled cucumber, salt, bread, raisins, banana, potato chips/ crips, Baltic sprat, salty lard or bacon, tea and coffee.

Warm meal is served as follows:

– pasta Bolognese;

– chicken broth + croutons;

– oatmeal porridge + raspberry jam/honey;

10. Other

Timing is electronic.

Three best men and women of Sillamäe Ultra 2022 24H run can 50% discount on the participation fee.

Runners will get a chalk 10-15 minutes before the finish signal. The chalk line and number should be draw on the asphalt when you hear the finish signal. You can leave the place after.

The participans allow publishing the photos and videos taken during the competition.


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