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Sillamäe Ultra 2022 24h jooksu meeste II koht (201,635 km), ungarlane Szilard Fodor, foto Boris Sinitsov


Hello Everyone,

A week has gone. Finally, I am having a relaxing moment to reminisce about my last 24-hour race in Estonia.

What a nice and memorable weekend I had at Sillamäe Ultra 2022, August 27-28, 2022.

Thank you all for organizing such a great event, and participating in this event.

In a nutshell, Sillamäe is a peaceful seaside town offering a great deal of activities in nature. Furthermore, it is a must-see town if anybody is interested in the rich history of Sillamäe, especially covering World War II and the Soviet era.

Modern and old architectural styles perfectly coexist.

A great, modern seaside promenade next to the historical buildings of Marine Boulevard awaits any ultrarunners seeking for before-the-race-meditation and after-the-race-recovery by simply sitting around, enjoying the view and sipping at a good coffee.

What more can an ultrarunner wish for?

Personally, I truly appreciate the long stretch of yellow sandy beach from Sillamäe to Narva-Jõesuu.

I began my race day to have a long, relaxing early morning swim in the crystal clear sea that is approximately 50-100 meters away from the race track.

The race track is a 2-km long, flat, good quality asphalt surface along the seashore.

The race center is compact and well-functional. The timing corner, nutrition tables and massage room are next to each other.

The nutrition table service is very special here. It is gourmet. High quality healthy Estonian products are served during the race. Gourmet food should be served at any races in the world, but, unfortunately, it is not. Therefore, Sillamäe Ultra is unique promoting gourmet catering.

Sillamäe Ultra is a low-key event. The participants are approximately 20 persons that makes it ideal to run in pleasant surroundings allowing each runner to focus on her/his own individual needs and forget about the hustle and bustle of overcrowded races.

If necessary, the race track and the race center crew are also perfectly capable of handling a greater number of participants.

Yet, the low-key profile, a handful of lovely people and the pleasant surroundings are all the contributors to the essence of Sillamäe Ultra, and that is why I want to return in 2023 again.

I only wish for one thing. That is the first time ever organized 48-hour Sillamäe Ultra 2023. I hope that this event can be arranged and held at the same time besides the already existing 50km, 100km, 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour races.

Best regards,